High-Tech Precision Tooling

DPF Engineering has grown from a tradition in toolmaking and we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of toolmaking and precision engineering. We utilise that experience to ensure a quality product every single time.

At DPF Engineering we design and manufacture bespoke solutions for our customers operating in highly regulated industries, such as Medtech, High-Tech and Aerospace.

"Our people are experts, our manufacturing is exact, our processes are effective”

Our in-house design team oversees each project, and over 90% of our precision tooling business is design to build. We have extensive manufacturing capability for jigs, fixtures, special purpose tooling and high end fabrications.

Our Tooling Capabilities

Design Engineering

Design engineering is a critical part of the manufacturing process, taking into consideration the materials, ergonomics, aesthetics, assembly and performance elements required for precision components.

Our design team is equipped with the latest technology and training to give our customers the highest quality, no matter the complexity of the job. We collaborate and adapt our services to accommodate our customers’ needs, whether for a custom, one-off fabrication piece or for low/mid volume batch production. Let DPF bring your idea to life with our complete solutions offering.

Jigs and Fixtures

DPF creates bespoke, industry compliant jig and fixture solutions for our clients.

For efficient manufacturing, assembly and inspection of mid-volume components, jigs and fixtures can be specially designed to aid the process.

At DPF Engineering, we understand that the design of special purpose jigs and fixtures is a fundamental part of the process. We believe in a collaborative design process and help the customer to visualise the solution using 3d and digital CAD software.

Special Purpose Tooling

We make sure to understand your key requirements and challenges before commencing the design phase on a special purpose tooling project. We know that even the smallest part can hugely influence the daily operation of a machine or process.

The DPF team is vastly experienced in precision toolmaking. Our team of experts are innovators at heart and push boundaries to develop functional solutions for complex problems, often in highly regulated production environments.

Plastic Fabrication

DPF supply custom-built plastic products for the biopharma, pharmaceutical, medical device and semiconductor industries.

All our products are manufactured from FDA approved, chemical resistant materials, which are essential for plastics in these industries. The strictest quality control checks are in place throughout our factory.

We produce a vast range of storage solutions, customised cleanroom compliant furniture that help provide a unique 6s solution for individual requirements.

Health, safety, ergonomics, and efficiency are at the heart of all our plastic design projects.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

DPF supply a wide range of bespoke stainless steel fabrication for the medtech industry. We use the latest 3D modelling software to design all of our stainless steel products, which provides you, the customer, with a clear understanding of the project from start to finish.

We provide a full range of custom stainless steel finishes according to your requirements. Our finishes range from mechanical and electro-polished to a specified RA. All our work is completed to the highest standard.

Why Choose DPF For High Tech Precision Tooling