Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

At DPF Engineering we specialise in providing advanced machining solutions. Our experienced and talented engineering team collaborate internally to continually improve and deliver lean manufacturing processes. We utilise highly efficient, lights-out machining technology and software. Our capabilities cross over both the machining of Advanced Metals and Engineering Plastics.

“We invest heavily in technology and equipment to continuously improve productivity”

Our ‘Centre of Excellence’ approach at DPF Engineering underscores the importance of
skills advancement and process improvement with investment in high tech CNC
manufacturing equipment and software to ensure that we remain at the forefront of
machining technology. We make strategic investments in line with our customers’
requirements to support their growth strategies.

Our products are planned and manufactured within the stringent quality controls demanded by our highly regulated industry customer base. We commit to quality and only produce industry-compliant and certified solutions. Our integrated, cloud based planning and production systems give our customers full visibility throughout the project and minimise waste in the manufacturing process.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

3, 4 and 5-Axis Milling

We operate a fleet of 3, 4 and 5 Axis milling machines giving us maximum flexibility to offer the most efficient and cost-effective machining solution for our customers. Our high quality machine tools ensure accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

We utilise on board part probing and measuring systems to ensure we are minimising downtime and maximising quality. This approach allows us to get the best performance possible from the machine and the tooling.

Multi-Axis Turn/Mill

Our Multi-Axis Mill/Turn machines are high-end, advanced and offer unmatched accuracy. We have a capability to turn metals with a hardness of 65Hrc, and a repeatability and accuracy of 0.001mm.

We specialise in machining difficult materials with complex geometries.

High precision, 7 -12 axis machine tools allow us to offer our most efficient and competitive solution for our customers.

Wire & Die Sink EDM

Our EDM department runs both Wire and Die Sink EDM Machines.

Our Wire EDM machines can run 0.1 to 0.25mm wire and have the ability to move in 4 Axis simultaneously, giving the capability to generate complex high accuracy parts from all types of metallic materials.

Our Die Sinkers, with tool changers and C axis capability have advanced software to maximise material removal rates and minimize electrode wear giving efficient, accurate erosion methods.

Automated Machine Loading

At DPF engineering we deliver more, and to do this we have invested heavily in automation. Flexible automated loading systems alongside our other advanced manufacturing solutions enable us to operate an around-the-clock production process.

The use of automated machine loading equipment helps to reduce setup times, provides greater flexibility and requires less manpower. Delivering benefits to our customers such as accurate repeatability with increased productivity and reduced costs.

Why Choose DPF?