DPF Plastic Design Solutions

DPF Plastic Design Solutions

DPF have extensive experience in providing bespoke engineered solutions in a variety of materials, including plastics. Operating within highly regulated industries such as Med-Tech, Aerospace and High Tech, plastic is often the best material solution to be used.

Plastics used by DPF include HDPE, Polycarbonate & Polypropylene etc. all are FDA compliant & approved, assisting in various applications, particularly within Cleanroom environments.

DPF plastic storage design solution
dpf plastic design solution
plastic design solution





Approved High Performance Materials

The chemical resistance properties of the plastics used protect against corrosive chemicals (nitric acid, hydrochloric & hydrofluoric acid), in addition to the nonporous characteristics make plastic an ideal material for varying applications, including cleanroom environments.

In conjunction with DPF modular designed solutions, which can include items such as anti-static casters, plastics can limit contamination and conditions like dust & static electricity. By dissipating static electricity and with low outgassing characteristics in a vacuum-sealed environment, certain plastics are an ideal option for Semiconductor, Pharma & Bio-Tech cleanrooms.

6 S Compliance
Solutions incorporating shadow boards, etc.

Health & Safety
TPA locking mechanisms available, reduced weight with easier mobility

Cost Reduction
Higher Impact resistance, replacement costs, modular designs, tool protection etc.

DPF modular plastics design solution
High performing engineered plastic solution from DPF
Storage solution concept design by DPF Engineering
Small high performing engineered plastic components

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