DPF Engineering supports the global aerospace industry through engineered component excellence and lean supply chain management. We collaborate with our customers to optimise manufacture and provide cost-effective solutions.

DPF has extensive experience in producing complex detail parts and sub-assemblies for our aerospace customers. We participate directly in several aerospace programmes, manufacturing products for use in the structure and propulsion of commercial aircraft, and we are proud to have our parts flying with most of the major OEMs on high volume programs.

We strive to add value at every stage of the process. Our advanced machining capabilities and supply chain management services coupled with our quality and innovation-driven approach gives customers confidence in the knowledge that we deliver value in a time-efficient manner for even the most complex products. We actively encourage our team to push boundaries to get the best results possible.

We have experience in manufacturing using a wide range of aerospace approved Engineering Steels and Plastics. In collaboration with our surface treatment partners, we offer a wide range of finishing, testing and cleaning processes.

More capacity for flexibility, scalability, repeatability and traceability. This is why leading global aerospace brands trust DPF Engineering

They are willing to take on new challenges and new types of business. They’re innovative and flexible. 

Philip Cushen
Planning & Demand Manager Innalabs

Aerospace Programs we Support

Boeing 737 Max

Airbus A220

Airbus A320 NEO

Bombardier Global

Bombardier CRJ

Irkut MC21

RR Trent

Sikorsky 592

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