DPF Engineering works with global high-tech companies, providing them with engineering solutions, supply chain management, added value processes and technical know-how. Our highly skilled team ensure we can help you to develop and manufacture key components in fast-moving marketplaces.

Our high-tech facilities are fully equipped to accommodate the most demanding projects, allowing our customers to offload the manufacture of critical components and sub-assemblies across the semiconductor and industrial solutions sectors.

We offer a complete product lifecycle solution from design through to development for one-off solutions or contract manufacturing requirements.

DPF always puts the customer first and looks to provide the best possible solution. This is achieved through collaboration, as well as our drive to always deliver more.

Our advanced machining capabilities and supply chain management services coupled with our quality and innovation-driven approach gives customers confidence in the knowledge that we deliver value in a time-efficient manner for even the most complex products.


DPF Engineering’s knowledge and skills in design, machining, tooling, and process engineering have made us the partner of choice for several industry-leading semiconductor customers.

Our wide range of machining applications and our experience in manufacturing parts using industry compliant materials such as 316L Stainless, Graphite, Aluminium and Silicon Carbide allows us to provide complete solutions for demanding products.

In collaboration with our partners, we offer a wide range of added value processes, from applied coatings, assembly, right through to cleanroom grade sterile cleaning and packaging.

The advancement in IoT, cloud computing and automated technologies has sparked a surge in demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and DPF plays a crucial role in supporting our customers in this sector as they scale up to meet market demands


We also work with a variety of industrial solution customers for the development and manufacture of highly complex components and sub-assemblies.

Our ability to provide full product lifecycle supply chain management services, with proven quality standards and experience of operating in highly regulated industries, makes DPF a partner of choice in the industrial solutions sector.

We are committed to innovation, performance improvement and flexibility in production. DPF has invested in industry 4.0, lights-out manufacturing and other innovative manufacturing processes. We provide value to our customers through cost-efficient and reliable solutions that are suitable for serial production.

Innovative, reliable and forward-thinking – DPF has a willingness to develop the business processes; they know they need to do things differently to move forward.

Sean Phelan
Director, QCD Solutions

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