Stainless Steel Fabrication

DPF Stainless Steel Design Solutions

DPF have extensive experience providing bespoke engineered solutions utilising a variety of materials, including Stainless Steels. Operating within highly regulated industries such as Med-Tech, Aerospace and High Tech, Stainless Steel is often the preferred and most suitable material used in an industrial setting.

Due to having inert characteristics to most acids and alkali, Stainless Steel grades such as 304 and 316 are used in various applications including Cleanrooms. DPF only source material from verified and certified suppliers, and we can provide material certification for each product on request.





Fabrication Standards

The team at DPF have many years of experience and have developed unrivalled expertise in this field. We acknowledge and are aware of the importance of fabrication standards for varying customer applications.

The DPF design team are happy to collaborate with our customers to ensure all the required standards are met, including material selection and design functionality. The design team can also provide bespoke solutions for our customers, from initial concept through to delivery of the final product.

Quality guides everything we do