Meet Our New Quality Engineers


Melvyn Kinch and Jose Cruz new quality engineers stairwell

We recently sat down with Melvyn Kinch and Jose Cruz, our new quality engineers to chat about their time at DPF. We are delighted to have them onboard with us here at DPF Engineering and are very pleased with how well the guys have settled in so far, actively adding to the team morale and helping us to continue to drive the high standards we have set for the delivery of all of our customer’s projects.

Melvyn Kinch | Quality Inspection Engineer

Q: Tell me about your role with DPF?

I currently work as a quality inspection engineer. I am involved with the conformance of components to their respective dimensions. I also organise the calibration of all measurement instruments in the facility, including pin gauges, thread gauges, and micrometres. My day-to-day tasks involve organizing unconforming components and ensuring they are accounted for. I am also involved in maintaining good OEE in the facility. Ensuring spindle time is maximised and all spindle time is correctly logged and analysed.

Q: How long have you been with DPF?

I started in DPF at the start of July, so 5 months I have worked there.

Q: What made you decide to work with DPF?

I finished my degree in May and had previously known DPF through college lecturers and past students. I have a great interest in quality and the interesting methodology in the measurement of components to check for conformance. I have a keen interest in Formula 1 and the research/development of new components made with revolutionary materials.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working at DPF?

Exposure to working as part of a large team is great experience. Seeing a part develop across the different business teams is quite interesting. I enjoy the measurement methods involved with checking part conformance. It is very challenging, but quite enjoyable problem solving as each part is unique and requires a different solution to measure.

Q: What college did you graduate from?

I graduated from Southeast Technological University Carlow. Thankfully, I had modules in my final year that were somewhat linked to dimensioning and measuring parts. This made me realize where I wanted to go.

Q: What is it like working at DPF?

DPF is a nice friendly company. There is always a good buzz around. Co-workers are very friendly and have no issue helping if a problem arises. Everyone excels at their tasks and is motivated for success which makes the entire process from start to finish efficient and clean.

Jose Cruz | Quality Inspection Engineer

Q: How long have you been with DPF?

Only for two months now, I started in August.

Q: What made you decide to work with DPF?

When I arrived in Carlow from Spain, I started to look for a job suitable for me. When I saw DPF, in the westside, I was told that this company could help me to improve my professional experience and develop my skills. 

Q: What have you enjoyed most since joining DPF?

 I have enjoyed it a lot so far because we have a great facility that we can improve each day as a company. Of course, we can ensure great quality before, during and after the process. I enjoy the whole facility a lot because we can ensure to our customers our great quality. I am learning a lot too. 

I have never worked in a quality department before but I have worked as a mechanical design engineer for over five years. It is thanks to this experience that I can focus on the clinical values for the parts and the process. 

I used to make manufacturing drawings so I know how to look for the critical value in the dimensions and to see how we can measure with the best option.

Q: How have you found working with the DPF team?

They are fantastic and I feel so comfortable working with them. It is a pleasure with the team. I feel that I have their support as they have been very helpful to me from the beginning of my time at DPF.

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