Q&A with Elaine Tonche – Supply Chain Manager at DPF

Continuing the thread of Q&A’s we wanted to share a glimpse behind the scenes and spoke with Elaine Tonche, Supply Chain Manager here at DPF. Interview responsibilities on the day fell with our very own Managing Director, Seamus Lancaster with a short discussion about the impact that higher education has had on Elaine’s career in engineering.

Elaine, tell me how further education has helped progress your career?

Further education has helped me to gain knowledge, new skills and experience and it has helped me both in my career and my life in general. It has also increased my confidence. With the new skills, I have improved my job performance and taken on new responsibilities. I am now a member of the DPF Engineering Management Team.

What course or programme has been most useful to you?   

• Level 8 Diploma in Production Engineering – Done in Brazil
• Green Belt – Done with LBS through DPF
• Supply Chain Management – Doing at the moment through the Institute of Supply Chain Management IOSCM

What advice would you give to somebody considering further education? Especially as a mature student.

My advice is to look for a course that will help you in the future and also that you will enjoy doing. Further education will help with Personal Development, Problem-Solving Skills, it will increase your network and can result in a higher starting salary. It is a really valuable way to gain promotion and advance your career.

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