High Precision Manufacturing

DPF Engineering deliver a world-class service in the intricate design and high-precision manufacture of components and polymers for a global audience. 

We utilise highly efficient, lights-out machining technology and software to provide advanced machining solutions. Our capabilities cross over both the machining of Advanced Metals and Engineering Plastics.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

dpf multi-axis desktop
dpf multi-axis mobile

Approved High Performance Materials

DPF supply custom-built plastic products that are manufactured from FDA approved, chemical resistant materials. We produce a vast range of storage solutions, customised cleanroom compliant furniture that help provide a unique 6s solution for individual requirements.

6 S Compliance
Solutions incorporating shadow boards, etc.

Health & Safety
TPA locking mechanisms available, reduced weight with easier mobility

Cost Reduction
Higher Impact resistance, replacement costs, modular designs, tool protection etc.

DPF modular plastics design solution
High performing engineered plastic solution from DPF
Storage solution concept design by DPF Engineering
Small high performing engineered plastic components

Why Choose DPF?


Global Brands Who Trust DPF

Let DPF improve your manufacturing capabilities

To ensure that we remain at the forefront of machining technology, we invest heavily in high-tech CNC manufacturing equipment and software to continuously improve productivity. 

Our products are planned and manufactured within the stringent quality controls demanded by our highly regulated industry customer base.

We have the knowledge, resources and dedicated personnel to satisfy your complex manufacturing needs.

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Working with DPF increased the capacity of our supply chain and provided very valuable insights into how we can reduce our manufacturing costs.

Philip Cushen
Planning and Demand Manager, Innalabs

They work with us on our high standards, even in administration – this is important for us…we always work together to come up with a solution – they have a great combined wealth of knowledge.

Diarmuid Kelleher
Project Engineer, MSD Ireland