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We collaborate with our customers to drive continuous improvement.

We have the capacity and capabilities to manufacture and manage intricate components and sub-assembly, including surface treatments and finishing. 

Powered by advanced industry 4.0 technology, high-end Multi-Axis CNC Machines, flexible automated loading systems and cloud-based software, with machine to machine (M2M) manufacturing to guarantee quality, consistency, and traceability across all your parts and components.

Challenging Engineering Thinking 24/7

Expert engineering know-how, vast industry knowledge and robust production facilities ensure a comprehensive range of specialist jig & fixture manufacturing, high-performance tooling, and bespoke customer focused solutions.

Our experience in supply chain management helps to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers. We ensure compliancy, add value, and reduce risk for our customers through sourcing industry compliant raw materials, providing a full range of finishing processes and managing bespoke sub-assemblies.

Working with DPF increased the capacity of our supply chain and provided very valuable insights into how we can reduce our manufacturing costs.

Philip Cushen, Planning and Demand Manager Innalabs

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